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Our Founder's Journey

Jørgen, our founder, is a seasoned pioneer in the digital world of assurance and compliance. With 30 years of professional experience under his belt, he has seen the evolution of this field from close quarters. Over a decade ago, while hiking the mountains near his home in the outskirts of Oslo, he began to conceive an idea. A revolutionary idea that could potentially revamp the entire compliance process landscape. He envisioned a software solution that could leverage the power of artificial intelligence to ease and optimize the process of compliance.

As his idea matured with time, he brought together a team of like-minded professionals, and ComplAi was born. This was just before the onset of the global pandemic, an event that drastically altered the corporate landscape and catalyzed the shift towards digital and remote assurance and compliance processes. The subsequent boom in artificial intelligence couldn’t have come at a better time. It served as a tailwind propelling our young company forward. With seed funding from our lead investor, Erik Langaker, we embarked on the journey of building the first version of our product. We delivered this to our first customers, three large international companies, in partnership with DNV. Our journey took a new turn in 2023, when a Series A investment round allowed us to expand our team. The solo founder transformed into a solid team, united by a shared vision.

Today, as we look back, we realize that our journey is not just about creating a successful business. It’s about envisioning a future where technology can transform how we deal with compliance. It’s about exploring how AI can be used to make processes efficient, increase transparency, and build trust. While we acknowledge that the full automation of validation and compliance checks may be a long way off, we believe that with the help of AI, we can assist humans in processing claims and evidence more effectively. The world of compliance is complex, and the challenges of maintaining and proving compliance, especially across large supply chains, are immense. But, we at ComplAi, driven by Jørgen’s vision, are excited about the potential of AI to bring a transformation. We look forward to playing our part in building a more efficient, transparent, and accountable compliance process. And while the idea of predicting non-compliance events like in ‘Minority Report’ may seem far-fetched and come with its own set of ethical and legal challenges, we are enthusiastic about the progress we can make in the right direction.

Compliance is not just about fulfilling requirements. It is about saving lives, taking care of people and the planet, and providing a value that goes beyond ticking off boxes on a checklist. It’s a complex puzzle, but we are dedicated to putting the pieces together, with AI offering whole new possibilities. Even if the ‘Minority Report for Compliance’ remains science fiction for now, we remain excited and passionate about the potential that AI has to transform the world of compliance.

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