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ComplAi in Paris: AI and sustainable cosmetics

We look forward to seeing you at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, in Paris October 31st. 


At the Summit we will share the critical role AI has in sustainable cosmetics, providing automated intelligence that quickly identifies where cosmetics brands are at risk of not meeting sustainability standards.  


Sustainability has become a key buying criteria for consumers, and cosmetics brands cannot afford to risk their brand reputation with unsustainably sourced raw materials. In today’s market it’s essential that cosmetics firms have visibility and control of their supply chains. 


Green – sustainably sourced – products have become a standard expectation from consumers. And it’s common to see brands marketed as natural, sustainable and ethical. But how can brands, and their consumers, be certain?  


ComplAi’s artificial intelligence (AI) solution enables companies to verify that their whole supply chain is acting in line with sustainability regulations and standards such as the deforestation regulations and sustainably sourced ingredient regulations. 


Our AI technology is able to process large amounts of data in real-time, recognizing patterns and gaps, enabling rapid and accurate decisions protecting your sustainability brand promise: 

  • ComplAi separates sustainability champions from Greenwashers: With our AI solution you can get real-time visibility of their environmental compliance based on data from your suppliers. This is critical as all brands believe their suppliers meet their sustainability criteria but in reality ten percent of suppliers don’t. 
  • ComplAi reduces production and distribution waste: By integrating AI functionality into your data collection from suppliers ComplAi helps you save time and reduce waste. If one of your suppliers fail to prove compliance we can get that information to the sales team instantly. By having this information at their fingertips the sales team can avoid selling product that will have to be recalled.
  • ComplAi enables the future of cosmetics: By detecting information gaps ComplAi can prevent activities that harm the environment, humans or animals. Thus, ComplAi enables companies to work systematically to protect endangered species and preserve biodiversity. For example, ComplAi helps collect proof that your suppliers are not involved in deforestation or animal cruelty 

Want to hear more?  

Vice President Joachim Viktil is giving a talk on AI & Sustainability in Cosmetics

Session Four: Marketing & Customers  

Tuesday 31st of October at 02.50 PM 

Come meet our team: Vilde Bergheim, Vegard Næss, Jørgen Kadal, and Joachim Viktil, to learn how ComplAi provides supply chain compliance your brand deserves. 

Image of the team

Joachim (from left), Jørgen, Vegard and Vilde.

About ComplAi

We’re on a mission to enable supply chains that are transparent and sustainable. ComplAi´s platform brings real time visibility and control of supplier compliance for enterprises through a world-class AI powered cloud platform. We help our customers transform compliance into a competitive advantage, where risk can be identified, acted upon and resolved. Our customers rely on our solutions to make better, quicker decisions with confidence.  

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