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ComplAi is an evidence & claims management platform that helps you reduce the cost of interacting with your suppliers, external auditors and customers.

ComplAi streamlines reporting processes upstream and downstream, across standards and reporting regimes, to give you increased visibility and control


We improve the compliance process

Whether you’re at the start or end of a compliance value chain—or anywhere in between—ComplAi provides valuable features to streamline your compliance process. Learn more how our solution can help you in your current role:

Compliance management comes in many shapes and forms. You might receive a vast amount of customer requests you need to answer with data you have in your company. Or you might be collecting data from hundreds of suppliers for thousands of assets in order to retain market access or achieve a certification enabling your business to grow to new rights. In all these scenarios, ComplAi can help!

You are a trusted partner of numerous organizations. They come to you to have their data validated, their processes improved and for confirmation that they are living up to the standards they hold themselves to. Your work is project-based and is becoming increasingly complex. We help you improve your efficiency and enable recurring revenue from your intellectual property. Improve your current business and transform your future business with ComplAi.

You represent a team that have helped bring one or more standards into the world. This has been achieved by building on knowledge and data accumulated over a long period. The knowledge has been codified and set down in text in the standard. The reality is that the more organizations that certifies towards your standard the more change you are affecting on the world. We help bring the administrative burden of certification down and in the process we increase transparency making it possible for you to conduct impact assessments and monitor your progress on a hitherto unseen level.

Compliance processes are intricate and involve a large number of stakeholders. You might be a regulator, a volunteer or another role that could benefit from more efficient compliance processes

Discover our cutting-edge compliance software through our partners.

We acknowledge and respect the proficiency and unique capabilities of our partners. Instead of competing, we embrace collaboration and actively invite others into our ecosystem. This harmonious approach amplifies the benefits of our platform, enriching the user experience and achieving more efficient compliance management.


We are in dialogue with several new partners and we’ll announce them here as soon as the partnerships official. Should you wish to partner with us then you are more than welcome to get in touch!

DNV logo

As a spin-out from DNV, we have a strong relationship with the global assurance provider.

“ComplAi can handle incredibly complex processes with stunning simplicity in the user experience. This is a great solution to document sustainability across your supply chain. The team has the assurance roots and combines technology to help transform business.”
Markus Zeitzen
Nordic ESG Practice Leader & Head of Sustainable Finance
"I was excited to see the innovative solution that ComplAi brings to documenting adherence to standards and regulations across supply chains"

Florian Mueller
Florian Mueller
Global director, Digital & Innovation

As we are passionate about social compliance we are thrilled to be working with the globally leading law firm on labor law.

"We are excited to work with the passionate team from ComplAi and take part of their journey to improve compliance towards labor law and other areas."
Ole Kristian Olsby
Managing Partner Littler Norway
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