ComplAi Compliance Copilot

Your AI companion, assisting you in your everyday compliance management


Intelligent, efficient compliance that speeds time to value


Regulatory compliance is as essential to keeping your brand promise, as it is complex. Your customers and partners need confident assurance that your brand is safe, ethical, and materials are sustainably sourced.


With the Copilot you can post questions and requirements from any regulatory standard or customer questionnaire and find answers, reducing the need to read through long documents.


Combining the power of large language models (LLM) with compliance data and compliance professionals’  skill, copilot enhances efficiency and accuracy, reducing manual errors.


ComplAi’s Compliance Copilot is the first intelligent regulatory solution designed to remove the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of compliance. You get full visibility of your regulatory status within and across standards, and can focus on the critical gaps and issues requiring attention.

Copilot brings the future of compliance to you, today

Locate critical evidence in your documents

Identify critical evidence needed to support any standard or questionnaire

Ask instead of reading

Use prompts to search and chat your way through long documents to get what you need, accurately

Generate answers

Ask for evidence summaries packaged into a well formulated answers

Accurately re-use answers

Know where to re-use proven answers across overlapping standards and questionnaires 

Automate compliance checks

Maximize machine intelligence, minimize human errors, focus your expertise on compliance gaps and issues

Empower independent assessments

Copilot is also available to your partners so they can bring powerful intelligence, visibility and control to assessments

Secure document management and collaboration

Upload and manage your compliance documentation in your secure ComplAi data room, and manage access and permissions

State of the art data Governance

No data leaves your secure data store. All models run on your data inside your organization tenant

Helps find answers from inside documents

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