Dedicated team empowering change through innovation

Our pioneering technology is reshaping the landscape of compliance management, fostering sustainability, improving animal welfare, and enhancing global labor standards. Supported by a dedicated team and visionary investors, we are steadfast in our commitment to revolutionize business practices and forge a more prosperous future for everyone involved.


At the heart of ComplAi is a team of dedicated individuals united by a common goal: to make a positive impact on the world. Every member of our team carries a deep passion not only for the work we do but for the broader implications of that work. We're driven by the belief that our innovative technology can transform compliance management, leading to more sustainable products, less cruelty toward animals, and better treatment of workers across the globe. Our people work tirelessly to turn the vision of radically improved compliance management into reality. We bring a diversity of experiences, skills, and perspectives, yet we share a common trait: integrity. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to our customers and to each other, and it's this spirit of integrity that keeps us on the right path toward the vision.

Together, we strive to create a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable world. With passion, hard work, and integrity, we're making a difference — one compliance process at a time.


Picture of CEO
Jeremy Gerst


Jeremy is a startup and scale-up veteran with a passion for building companies and delivering value to customers. Highly strategic and analytical mindset with prior experience from the Federal Reserve Bank of SF, BCG, and as the CFO of the Norwegian unicorn reMarkable and the publicly listed Airthings.

Image of Bernie
Bernhard Zachhuber


Bernie has many years’ experience of working with B2B SaaS in an international context with a main focus on building and scaling commercial and customer operations. With a background from PwC, the Norwegian unicorn remarkable, and B2B SaaS companies Attensi and Schibsted owned tech venture DI, Bernie’s passion lies within combining a consultative approach to problem solving with an ambition to create impact for his customers.

Image of Jørgen
Jørgen Kadal

CPO & Founder

Jørgen Kadal is a senior manager with over 30 years of diverse experience from surveying, auditing and digital development within DNV, contributing to a number of achievements in improvement of internal operations and new digital services and revenue streams across many sectors.

Eskild Næss

VP Customer success

Cofounder of RAV Norge. Great facilitator, project leader and motivator. More then 20 years of experience within Data Management area, Business Intelligence, and management.


Erik Langaker


Long term investor with more than 30 years of international experience in creating and building Companies – having successfully divested of several Companies both privately to industrial buyers as well as PE Funds and public listings.

Kaare Helle

Board member

Venture Director at DNV with a mission to find great ideas and talent and combine it with DNV´s deep technical expertise, global reach and large customer base to create successful companies.

Asta Stenhagen

Board member

Experienced General Counsel with 20+ years’ experience from corporate, compliance, security, logistics, manufacturing, and tech industry. She has a special interest in technologies and solutions that improve how companies work and stay compliant.

Göran Lindö

Board member

Former CEO of EcoOnline, one of the leading EHS SaaS platforms globally, creating safe and sustainable workplaces. Knowledgeable leader with more than 25 years of international experience within Tech, sales and marketing, operations and M&A, with passion for innovation, growth and sustainability.

Tor Bækkelund

Board member

Tor is well-known for co-founding StartupLab, raising 4 funds and invested in 110 tech companies from 2012 to 2021. A NTNU alumni, he also founded the first Norwegian SaaS company. Fair to say he recognises solid founders and companies when he sees one. A big supporter of ambitious ideas, Tor is up to the challenge.


Kevin Bespolka

Investor and Climate Change Advisor

Kevin is an Advisory Partner at TSP, building on his 35-year career in finance and technology. Kevin is also an Associate Partner at Kaya Advisory, a climate change policy advisory firm focusing on policy, as well as devoting substantial time to working with charities. He spent 2016-2021 as Global Head of Fixed Income and subsequently Global Head of Macro Strategies at Canada Pension Plan Investments, and also managing the Fund’s Financial Crisis Management Team through the pandemic and working on the Climate Change Steering Committee, after a career in investment banking and hedge funds.
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