AI-powered visibility and control of cosmetics supply chains

ComplAi enables the future of cosmetics

Sustainability promises your customers can trust

Sustainability has become a key buying criteria for consumers, and cosmetics brands cannot afford to risk their brand reputation with unsustainably sourced raw materials. 

ComplAi’s artificial intelligence (AI) solution enables companies to verify that their supply chain is performing in line with sustainability regulations and standards, protecting your sustainability brand promise:  

Real-time compliance visibility

Identify Sustainability Champions from Greenwashers. Our powerful solution provides a real-time view of compliance with sustainability standards and regulations

Reduces production and distribution waste

Ensure you are selling from standards-compliant inventory. Identify supplier risk and take action, protecting consumers and your revenue.

Ensures use of sustainable ingredients

AI-powered solution that enable you to systematically collect and verify data that help preserve biodiversity and combat deforestation.

ComplAi enables the future of cosmetics bringing visibility and intelligence into your supplier data oversight. 

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