Claims and Evidence Management Platform

Today’s complex and rapidly changing regulatory landscape requires an entirely new approach to managing compliance across standards, organisational barriers and throughout all tiers in the supply chain.

Technology and AI services

The ComplAi platform is a purpose-built to meet the compliance challenges of today’s large complex supply chains and portfolios – out of the box for existing manual processes, rich API’s both in and out for Enterprise integrations and Digital Product Passports​ 

At the heart of our platform are world-class AI services that enable real-time visibility and control of your compliance status. We have developed powerful AI services of our own as well as integrate market-leading third-party large language models (LLMs).​ 

Our products are packaged, secured, and delivered with the enterprise-class capabilities you have come to expect and rely on.  Microsoft Azure, customer data encrypted in transit (over the network) and at rest (nonvolatile storage), with end-to-end encryption.​ 

We utilize unique asset identifiers to link compliance history for the European Digital Product Passport via the GS1 standard​ 

Software solution

Secure data rooms with state of the art support for compliance processes


Gold standard security

And we understand that security – your security – is critical, and that compliance documentation and verification events are sensitive and business-critical. We're proud to offer a gold-standard security environment where role-based access ensures the right data is available to the right parties. 

Our multi-tenant architecture offers isolated data stores, adding another layer of security to our robust platform. With ComplAi, you can share any data that's relevant for your compliance process, knowing your data is secure. 

Secure environment
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