Auditor; transform your business model with ComplAi

Whether you’re auditing a handful of industrial sites or hospital units, hundreds of suppliers, or thousands of products—ComplAi will help you save time and streamline your compliance process. On top of this we offer you an opportunity to transform your business model to include recurring revenue on top of your projects.


Revolutionize how you audit...

From Hours to Moments

With ComplAi, transform days of preparing for an audit to mere moments of effortless review as you read self assessments collected in advance of your site visit and enjoy our intuitive dashboards and the incredible scalability of cloud-based software that leverages artificial intelligence. 

From Endless Emails to Immutable Insight

Ditch the back-and-forth; ComplAi brings all your communication into secure data rooms and lets you send our notifications automatically. All that transpires is recorded in the immutable audit trail.

From document disarray to secure storage

Navigate from chaos to comfort. ComplAi’s secure storage transforms the way you manage audit documents by leveraging secure data rooms.

... and rethink your business model for audit

From to Project-Based to Predictable revenue

With ComplAi, transition into a business model where recurring revenue makes your future more predictable and less reliant on landing that big assurance project.

From chasing customers to continous engagement

Empower your audit business to maintain continuous customer conversations, making every interaction count.With a software subscription, it’s natural to check in every month, you don’t need to wait until you can find a valid business reason to reach out.

From Transactional Ties to Trusted Partnerships

Shift from momentary mandates to meaningful, long-lasting collaborations.

As it becomes easier for customers to escalate information relevant to an audit to you there is an opportunity to become a trusted partner of the customers.

Auditors know the intricacies of preparing for an audit, with the immense time and effort that goes into document collection and reporting. ComplAi recognizes these challenges and aims to radically improve audit processes.Our cutting-edge platform is designed with auditors in mind, transforming what was once seen as an overwhelming task of gathering up to thousands of documents into an efficient and straightforward process. Imagine converting what typically takes weeks into just days or hours. That’s the ComplAi difference.


With our system, the grueling process of audit preparation becomes a streamlined journey. We equip you with the tools to rapidly collect, organize, and present all necessary documentation, making it simpler than ever to prepare comprehensive audit reports.

But our platform doesn’t stop at just preparation. In a world of increasing regulatory scrutiny, particularly on supply chains, auditors need a reliable partner. ComplAi ensures you’re equipped to evaluate end-to-end compliance swiftly, and with precision.

At its core, ComplAi isn’t just an audit tool; we are your ally in ensuring a seamless, transparent, and efficient audit process. By minimizing the time spent on document collation and management, we empower you to focus on your audit’s critical aspects, providing clear insights and evaluations.

Dive into a streamlined auditing experience with ComplAi – fast, user-friendly, and dependable.

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