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Our pricing model is designed to offer you choices that match your needs, ensuring you have the tools to thrive at every stage of your compliance management journey. With three distinct levels – Get Started, Get Serious, and Go All In – our pricing reflects our commitment to transparency and your growth.

Choose your plan

Get started

Get serious

Go all in


Business developer

You’ve ventured through the intricacies of our information – a true mark of dedication. We value your commitment and as a token of our appreciation, we’re delighted to offer you a discount for your first year with ComplAi. But here’s where it gets even better. For those considering a longer-term commitment, we’re prepared to sweeten the deal even more. Our multi-year agreement comes with an enhanced discount, a reflection of the trust and partnership we’re eager to foster.


To delve further into these exclusive opportunities, feel free to reach out to Vegard, our dedicated Business Developer. He’s not just an expert on discounts and agreements; he’s your resource for understanding how ComplAi can create value for you.


Your dedication this far speaks volumes, and we’re looking forward to welcome you into the ComplAi community.

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