AI-powered visibility and control of social compliance supply chains

ComplAi reduces risk of human rights violations in the supply chain

With the new Human Rights Due Diligence regulations adopted worldwide and increasingly complex supply chains, the traditional way of working with compliance no longer provides the assurance that your company needs.


Today´s supplier collaboration is inefficient, documents are stored in organizational silos and checking documents and answering questions is manual. Thus using a great deal of time, the supplier and auditor is often not well prepared, leading to more non-conformities. And this gives the companies visibility and control once a year, at best.  


Gaining visibility and control of your supply chain  

ComplAi has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to address this, and answers critical compliance questions in just seconds. With our platform you always have visibility and control of your supply chain’s requirements compliance. Here is how ComplAi´s AI platform can help:  

1. Reduces risk of human rights violations

If there is a risk that one of your suppliers is not compliant with social due diligence regulations, you will know instantly.

2. Help you become more efficient

We give you access to up-to-date requirements, standards, and questionnaires in a structured way with custom dashboards, saving you time and money.

3. Transform visibility into action

By providing visibility into supplier compliance risk our AI platform reduces inventory and delivery risk.

In today’s rapidly evolving regulatory landscape and increasingly complex supply chains it has never been more critical to have control and visibility of company´s impact on human rights.  

ComplAI’s intelligent platform reshapes how you work with the S in ESG.

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