Meet our new CEO!

Starting from January next year, Jeremy Gerst will take over as CEO at ComplAi 

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Jeremy is currently serving as the chief financial officer (CFO) of the successful sensor startup Airthings and before that he was CFO for the Norwegian unicorn, reMarkable, where he played a key role in scaling the company from 13 to over 300 employees.  


Prior to that, he spent three years working for the consulting giant Boston Consulting Group in both Silicon Valley and Oslo. We know he will do great things for ComplAI! 


Jeremy says that he really thrives in the early stage of a company’s lifecycle. 


“ComplAi has an amazing journey ahead and I can’t wait to be a part of it. ComplAi is also a great product that addresses a highly tangible problem, has an extremely solid team with robust early traction, and a capable board with solid investors who can support the company on its growth journey,” he says.  


The new CEO says he has been looking for Complai’s software in his previous jobs as CFO.


“ComplAi streamlines the compliance process reducing time spent by companies and their employees, can boost retention of those key talents by giving them an advanced solution, and allows the CFO, or similar, to maintain an up-to-date overview of where they stand in all of their compliance processes in a simple dashboard. And while it already does that, I see a lot of opportunities ahead for how we can develop the solution to turn compliance from merely a “license to operate” to an actual competitive advantage for companies,” he says.  


– What are your visions for ComplAi going into the job?  


“My vision is pretty simple – to grow and build an amazing company that addresses real-world problems.” 


News story featured on Shifter, Articstartup, Digi, Kampanje and Computerworld 

About ComplAi

We’re on a mission to enable supply chains that are transparent and sustainable. ComplAi´s platform brings real time visibility and control of supplier compliance for enterprises through a world-class AI powered cloud platform. We help our customers transform compliance into a competitive advantage, where risk can be identified, acted upon and resolved. Our customers rely on our solutions to make better, quicker decisions with confidence.  

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