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How AI can change the future of cosmetics

Here is artificial intelligence explained in less than sixty seconds: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just a buzzword or a concept from science fiction. It’s a branch of applied science that’s been around for over 50 years.  


And while there have been many AI products introduced along the way, it wasn’t until March, 2023 that the AI went mainstream, with the release of ChatGPT that the general population had the opportunity to consciously interact with AI-functionality.  


ChatGPT was the first generative AI platform to gain mainstream relevance and adoption, capable of generating new and innovative outputs from natural language questions (prompts). We’ve now stepped into an era of actionable AI, where AI-powered platforms can both interpret complex subjects as well as analyze them, and act on that analysis. All on behalf of us.  

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Vice President Joachim Viktil at ComplAi writes about AI and the future of cosmetics.

AI’s Impact on Cosmetic Sustainability 
Generative AI has a critical role to play in ensuring sustainability in cosmetics, by enabling smarter decisions – making those decisions far more rapidly and accurately than current methods. Generative AI will play an increasingly crucial role in responsible sourcing, reducing waste, enhancing energy efficiency, organic and natural ingredient discovery, and many other areas.  


The insights and predictive power of generative AI are invaluable, helping us meet sustainability goals. 


AI in Action: 3 use cases Transforming the Cosmetics Industry  


1.Personalized Shopping Experiences with AI

AI is revolutionizing how we shop for cosmetics. Brands like Nivea and Estée Lauder use AI to guide customers to products that suit their unique needs and preferences, enhancing satisfaction and thereby reducing waste. This is not uncommon in the industry, but one company takes it further. Ellure matches personalized shopping with mass customization, creating products tailored to individual preferences, thus reducing waste further. 


2. AI for Filters and Avatars in the workplace 

AI filters and avatars represent exciting advancements in cosmetics. For example, Maybelline’s virtual makeup trials on MS Teams enables customers to try products without physical samples. The first ever podcast recorded in the Metaverse featured avatars that were photorealistic. Professional make-up for the day you scan your face to create an avatar might become popular, but it’s unclear whether this will have sustainability benefits through reduced consumption on the day’s when the avatars are used. 


3. Navigating Sustainability Standards with AI 

As sustainability goals turn into regulations and standards, AI becomes a vital tool for proving compliance. AI enables efficient document collection from your own activities and from your suppliers. AI-powered platforms can speed document review, increase accuracy, and extract data and insights from large amount of related documents. AI-powered automation transforms time-consuming tasks, providing real-time visibility and control of compliance with sustainability standards and regulations. 


Enhancing Sustainability in Cosmetics with AI 
AI offers tremendous potential to improve sustainability in the cosmetics industry, by optimizing product formulations for minimal environmental impact, streamlining packaging, reducing carbon footprints, and refining sustainable practices.  


This new era of AI empowers cosmetics brands to confidently make environmentally conscious decisions for their own operations and when working with their suppliers.  


AI’s Role in Addressing the Climate Crisis 
The climate crisis contains extremely complex data and difficult decisions around carbon emissions, biodiversity loss, and deforestation. AI plays a critical role in identifying sources of risk, the paths to addressing risk, all the while helping brands make decisions that keep the planet habitable and enjoyably for future generations. 


Connect and Learn More 
ComplAi is the pioneer of AI compliance solutions for the cosmetics industry. Visit Cosmetics – ComplAi to learn how AI can transform your business practices, ensuring compliance with regulations and contributing to a healthier planet. Reach out to learn more about harnessing AI for a sustainable future in cosmetics. 


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